About Us

My mission is to train skillful divers who want to stay active in the diving community. I focus on educating people about the marine environment and how to enjoy, utilize, work in the water safely and sustainably.
About Us
As NAUI Scuba  instructor and professional educator I offer divers basic certifications as well as specialty training catered to your diving needs. We are also available not only to work as divers, but train divers for underwater work.

Rod Shroufe NAUI Instructor Trainer

I have been diving since 1997 and been a scuba instructor since 2000. I am a biologist by training and have been teaching field biology and environmental science for twenty years. My love of the ocean started when I saw it for the first time at the age of five. I enjoy teaching others the art and science of scuba diving, taking underwater pictures, and diving in the great pacific northwest.  I am a NAUI Instructor/ Instructor trainer and an SSI Platinum 1000/ Master Instructor.